James & Mark Brown | Owners, Valor Roof and Solar Inc.

The Higgs Team is the fastest and easiest way to boost your roofing business. Our decision to hire Nathan and his team at Higgs Professional Consulting is one of the best business decisions we have ever made.

Talk to any roofing contractor and their biggest headaches are normally production and roofing crews. If you are a business owner, your focus is a positive return on your investment and better margins. Higgs Professional Consulting can improve bother your production and your ROI.

The Higgs team has been an essential part of our business and allowed us to grow faster than previously possible.  Any roofing company who wants to clean up their production headaches and scale their business for explosive growth needs to call Nathan.  He is a true professional with years of industry knowledge. I can’t recommend him enough.

J Ron JoyceNational Accounts / Storm

I first encountered Nathan Higgs in 2013 when he was employed as a Production manager for a customer of ABC Supply. My immediate impression of Mr. Higgs was that he possessed a vast knowledge of construction projects, specifically the production aspects.

Since that time Mr. Higgs has started a consulting business focusing on working with other contractors in our field.  I am aware of Mr. Higgs working with other customers that I manage and the results appear to have been positive ones. With his focus on educating how to increase capacity, work load management, and attaining incremental profits these attributes cold be beneficial to a number of contractors.

Brandon Hoover

I have personally known Nathan Higgs since 2011 when I met him as a Production Manager for one of my roofing customers. Ever since 2011 Nathan and I have not only  had a professional relationship but also a friendship. Nathan has always been easy to work with and is very knowledgeable when it comes to production.  I was so impressed by some of the companies Nathan had done work for over the years that Nathan started doing production for some of my customers in 2017 when he started his independent production company. Once Nathan started working with my customers I realized how much he was able to save them in over ordering, profit margin, and the overall decrease in stress as they had more time for other things in their businesses.  I would recommend Nathan to any company looking to take production out of their hands and increase their capacity, work load, and profits.

Neil Dove | CEO at  NDXteriors Inc.

Last year while scaling my business we reached a time when we were in between production managers. I reached out to Higgs Professional Consulting as a solution to bridge this gap. Hiring Higg’s was one of the best decisions I made last year. They communicated with my sales staff and crews with professionalism and priority. We were thrilled with the service and would recommend this service to anyone who needs help in the production department of their company.

Michael Espinoza | CEO/President Universal Home Improvement LLC.

To whom it may concern:

My name is Michael Espinoza I am the CEO of Universal Home Improvement LLC. A Storm Restoration Company. I met Higgs Professional Consulting Inc. and his team in 2014 and was offered his services for my company and may I say this was one of my best business decisions I made for my company when it came to the production side most definitely took a load of my shoulders.

Higgs Professional Consulting Inc. knew what my company needed to step it up to the next level making this a long term business relationship with this team. Nathan and his team have gone up and beyond for my company to make sure everything gets done in a timely matter. With that being said now I can continue focusing building up my company on the other aspects. Higgs team is currently helping me with production side in multiple states Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, and Texas for storm restoration industry. He has helped me set up to the point were I don’t have to worry about production and be able to focus on sales and aspects of the company.

Mr. Higgs has helped me with all the production needs through the trust built with me and my team members. Our partnership has been a great experience thru these growing pains in my company and looking forward for many years more to come.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me,

Best Regards

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