Production is our niche.  We have 20 + years experience in construction for you to use.

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With Higgs Professional Consulting you don’t have to worry about paying someone to sit in your office.  You’re production manager is just a phone call away.

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Higgs Professional Consulting is here to help you build so you can focus on growing your business.

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Nathan A. Higgs, Sr.

Our Mission at Higgs Professional Consulting – America’s Leading Production Consulting Group and Insurance Restoration Consultants


Our mission is to work with clients, to develop custom business strategies.  Based on industry best practices for the Insurance Restoration Industry. Our expertise in production, material ordering, crew scheduling and insurance process, this ensures the success of our clients in the Insurance Restoration and Retail Restoration Industry.


Let us guide you through this complex process.

We can guide you through the competitive Insurance Restoration process.  We make sure that you know all the codes and that you are adhering to all city and state requirements during the production process.   We understand the Restoration Industry from the sale to final check collection, and we know all the pitfalls, so you can avoid them. We offer complete restoration production process packages, outsourced production, operations assistance.

We can help you design and implement an efficient production process, and provide regulatory compliance so you don’t lose your license. We also provide operational processes, staff training, and out sourced production.

We also provide construction businesses with a range of valuable services, including addressing common construction industry issues such as:

  • Material takeoff issues
  • Inconsistent product installation
  • High waste
  • Low quality
  • Low profit
  • Building Jobs in a untimely manor
  • Sub-contractor sourcing problems
  • Sub-contractor paperwork issues

We provide construction business consulting, prompt analysis, and rapid solutions to help improve any existing construction business.